The SBUNetwork is an internet broadcast network, founded by Spaceboy and Surlana.
Currently the SBUNetwork hosts the following shows:
the Spaceboy Universe, and Spaceboy Music, and Data Bytes.

Spaceboy Universe

Listen to "Spaceboy Universe Live" on Spreaker. Spaceboy Univesre logo
Listen to the "Spaceboy Universe" every Saturday at 9 PM CST, here on the
SBUNetwork AND The Paranormal UK Radio Network

Spaceboy Music

Listen to "Spaceboy Music" archives on Spreaker. Spaceboy Music logo - Astronaut with two turntables
Listen to the Spaceboy Music archives on the SBU Network

Data Bytes

Listen to "Data Bytes" on Spreaker. Data Bytes Logo
Listen to the "Data Bytes" at 6PM CST on The Fringe FM, and the SBUNetwork